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    ATDMTOOLS importer and distributor of pure gases , calibration gas, mixed ,gas standard , mixed gases and equipment in Iran and the Middle East. Import ATDMTOOLS broadly in  cylinders, regulator, pressure equipment, fitting, instrumentation, valve, valve actuators and confusing brand in Europe. Professional activities ATDMTOOLS include the following: production of gas composition in the range of ppm (purity 99.999% grade 5 and purity of 99.9999% Grade 6) , mixing and  standards of reputable companies in Europe with certificate in the range of ppm and ppb supply of gas condensate . supply of liquid helium high purity for MRI in Iran, NMR and other medical applications and industrial import and distribution of cylinder under pressure with a variety of rice milk and a stainless steel cylinder into the cylinder sample Working pressure for oil, gas, refining, petrochemicals and manufacture of pallets, bundles of cylinders of different sizes and number of cylinders and just welded-link stainless steel import of industrial controllers, laboratory regulator, regulator brass, stainless steel regulator, gas detector , Sampling cylinder , monometr , control automatic and semi-automatic importer and distributor of cylinders under pressure from steel and aluminum company FABER  and EKC Germany in different volumes, 5-liter cylinder , 10-liter cylinder, 20 liter cylinders , 40 liter, 50 liter cylinders, working pressure 300 bar types in Iran.

Our Clients

  • petrochemical company
  • coca cola
  • ptrochemical
  • hospital
  • پژوهشگاه نفت
  • شرکت ملی نفت



  • certificate registrar
  • SGS Cylinder
  • certificate of origin cylinder
  • certification of inspection cylinder