ATDMTOOLS import gas for industrial, laboratory gas, helium gas , cylinder 50 liter, 40 liter, 20 Liter, 10Liter. ATDMTOOLS Company holds the international certificates in the field of high quality gas cylinders and Iran with international standards offers. Including helium high-purity 99.9999%, 99.9995%, 99.999% (Grade 5), these are certified in Iran .The Company owns the world’s newest cylinders, cylinders Build 2016 and 2017 are the helium introduction to the subject. ATDMTOOLS supply chains across Tehran and Iran and timely delivery time. Today we can be one of the most important indicators of adjustment costs and facilitate the sale, distribution and import and export customers in Iran.The company has expertise in the field of industrial and laboratory gases and intellectual capital available, the organization and implementation of national projects in collaboration with companies in the oil, gas, and petrochemical in Iran. Charging a variety of gases, high purity imported and outer  AR, (N) N2, CO2 (carbon dioxide), (oxygen) O2, He (helium or helium), Ne (neon), NH3 (ammonia), Cl2 ( Clare), Zero Air (dry air), CO (carbon monoxide), C2H4 (ethylene), C3H8 (propane), C2H6 (propylene), Xe (xenon), CH4 (methane), H2S (hydrogen sulfate), IButhane, NButhane (n-butane) … used in industrial centers, medical, laboratory and research in Iran.