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     pure gas

    Pure gas reagent gas in the cylinder the higher the purity of the impurities less. High purity gas prices are higher than conventional gas and will use more specific.

    For example, a purity gas of 99. 98%  is a demonstration of the purity and the number 3. 7 are shown briefly. Purity 99. 9999 is 6% represents the gas grid. High purity gas used in various industries. High pure gas to pharmaceuticals, high-purity gases for the electronics industry, petrochemical, gas purity for nuclear energy, oil and gas refining industry is of high purity. Gas pure according to the needs and client application allows you to prepare at home for some of the gas purity is high, but in some cases the gas pressure high purity and duration of use. Tolerance and date shelf life of gas purity is important to high purity gas imports from famous brands that it has a valid certificate and certificate ISO 17025 and ISO to be delivered. High purity nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas high purity, high purity helium gas, argon gas, high pure oxygen gas, neon gas, high pure carbon dioxide gas.

     pure gas

    Air Liquid now one of the largest manufacturers of high-pure gas, gas mixtures, gas composition, gas mixing, gas calibration, laboratory supplies, industrial supplies medical activities.
    Linde is the world’s largest gas producing company with headquarters in Munich, Germany. The company has established brand names such as BOC, AGA, AFROX and PanGas in the production of industrial gases and specialty gases as well as brand HIQ in the form of Linde Group is working

    HIQ section of the company includes pure gas that pure gas has the highest possible purity according to gas from 99% to 99. 999 percent. Also in the gas mixture or gas calibration, Mixture Calibration Gases .The company’s products are of the highest accuracy available. Automotive gas, petrochemical, steel industry, oil, medical industry, electrical industry gas. Nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, Gas carbon dioxide, oxygen gas.

    Pure gas for laboratory

    Pure Gas, pure gas of the highest quality to suit the type of pure gas purity of 99.999% purity, 99% grade 2 to grade 5 and grade 6 and in some cases the purity of 99.9999% purity is 99.99999% Grade 7. Of pure gases for laboratory include helium, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, gas, dry air, xenon, neon, krypton gas, fluorine gas, gas ammonia gas nitric oxide, chlorine, ethane, propane, butane, ethylene, propylene gas, gas pentane ,gas Hexane , SF6 gas SO2, H2S gas of pure gas laboratory for use in laboratory, industrial oil, gas, refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, gas chromatography, atomic spectrometry, food industry and research centers is used. Our experts ready to advise you to choose declares worthy of pure gas. Supply and distribution of pure gases and gas mixtures Gas testing laboratory and a variety of standard European companies such as Linde, Germany, SCOTT, CALGAZ, STG and Airliquide to do. Gaseous Grade 5, nitrogen Grade 6, methane Grade 4, methane Grade 5, nitrogen Grade 6, oxygen Grade 5, nitrogen equipment, oxygen equipment, methane gas laboratory, helium Grade 5 helium gas grid 6, experimental helium gas, argon gas, grade 5, grade 6 argon gas, argon gas laboratory.