• Welding

    Welcome to ATDM website, your source for your welding Supply’s.. ATDM offers you the best competitive prices on the market,which contain all requirements in every field like industry, constructions, home applications and etc.  ATDM has the right tools you need to get the job done. ATDM goal is to provide with a wide range of quality welding torch, cutting torches, gas regulators, heating torches and related accessories with dependable service at affordable prices to the valued customers.

     welding torch


    harris welding torch with ability to weld and braze in range of 0,2 to 20 mm and also works with gases like propane and acetylene and designed for medium duty and heavy duty works. Also harris welding torch succeeded to achive all standards relied to safety and quality, on the other hand there are many kind of torches with variety in welding rang to order.

    American harris company pioneer in manufacturing welding and cutting equipments, could invent oxy-acetilen welding method in 1899 and keeping on its sucsesful activities till now with some other equipments like industrial regulators, cutting torch, welding torch, cutting machine, welding kits and lots of other welding and cutting equipments.

     welding torch

    harris welding torch compatible with fuel gases like acetylene, propane, LPG is available for users who looking for efficient welding torch with economical fuel using with high  performance, also there are kinds of welding tips available for harris welding torch.


    To reach the temperature for gas welding, the combination oxygen and acetylene can be only used. That’s why combined welding torches are designed for the use with oxygen and acetylene.


    Heating & Soldering

    Depending on the application and the heat required, either a combination of a fuel gas such as propane, acetylene, hydrogen, methane etc. and oxygen is used for heating works or a fuel gas (s.propane equipment) only. By soldering works an alloy is heated up to the melting point. This is done by hard soldering also with a fuel gas / oxygen flame and by soft soldering with a fuel gas flame with surrounding air (s.propane equipment).

    Propane Equipment

    Propane equipment is particularly used for heating and melting and as well for soft soldering. The flame temperature of propane with surrounding air reaches ca. 1925°, whereby according to the equipment used, the gas can be supplied in gaseous or in liquid phase.

    Pressure Regulators

    ATDM pressure regulators are made of forged brass and are of a very robust and solid construction. Our regulators guarantee a very stable working pressure without any follow-up adjustment. In order to clear identification and to avoid any confusion, the regulator bodies are marked with the color code of the gas.


    With our in-house production we have the possibility to respond to specific requirements. In case you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us.

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